Internet pioneers call for FCC to cancel net neutrality vote

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"The FCC's rushed and technically incorrect proposed order to abolish net neutrality protections without any replacement is an imminent threat to the internet we worked so hard to create", the letter said.

The FCC's proposed Restoring Internet Freedom Order, which the agency is expected to vote on at its December 14 meeting, would reverse a 2015 agency decision to reclassify broadband Internet access service as a Title II common carrier service.

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Jody Rose, executive director of the New England Venture Capital Association, said that although companies are built on "the foundation of equal access to the internet", net neutrality is "more than just an economic issue".

The internet pioneers state: "It is important to understand that the FCC's proposed order is based on a flawed and factually inaccurate understanding of Internet technology,", adding that the flaws were outlined in detail in a 43-page comment submitted by 200 tech leaders to the FCC in July.

Other signatories included Mitchell Baker, the chairwoman of Mozilla, and several "internet pioneers" such as Scott O Bradner, Vinton C Cerf and Stephen D Crocker.

The agreement would see oversight return to the FTC, which will be able to investigate the activities of ISPs if they are considered to have deceived the agencies and customers over their practices.

Australia does not have any laws on net neutrality, but experts say strong competition among local providers, along with strong consumer laws, could protect Australians.

"The agreement announced today between the FCC and FTC is a confusing, lackluster, reactionary afterthought", Clyburn said in a statement, calling the MOU a "smoke and mirrors PR stunt". NY attorney general Eric Schneiderman recently called the FCC to put off the vote due to these fake comments, claiming that over 1 million Americans had their identities falsely used on the forum. His plan is likely to pass because the five-member FCC is majority Republican and averse to regulation.

As part of nation-wide actions, hundreds of people gathered in front of the Verizon store on Market Street in downtown San Francisco to show opposition to the FCC decision on November 21 to end net neutrality.

"Under my proposal, the federal government will stop micromanaging the internet".

The FCC will review informal complaints concerning the compliance of Internet service providers (ISPs) with the disclosure obligations set forth in the new transparency rule. The vote on the "Restoring Internet Freedom" order would reclassify broadband internet as an information service - rather than a utility - and eliminate an internet conduct standard the commission now describes as "vague and expansive".

Pai's proposal is opposed by large internet companies including Alphabet Inc. and Facebook Inc. Or, your own content could be blocked from public view.

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