Medievil Remastered Announced for PS4

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PlayStation Experience 2017 Presser: What Time is It, How to Watch

The game was originally released back in 1998, and received a sequel some years later.

If you like The Last Guardian, you will be happy to know a standalone VR experience is to be released very soon. Now, the game has the opportunity to find new life with a 4K remaster from the ground up.

Detroit: Become Human got a brand new trailer at PSX 2017 and there was also gameplay shown in which the audience participated. The original game is also available as a PSOne Classic on PS3.

Capcom has just launched the Monster Hunter: World beta for PlayStation Plus subscribers. The original PlayStation action -dventure is getting revamped for a return on PlayStation 4 next year.

Sony is celebrating the company's fantastic year-end sales figures with a sale on Playstation VR and the PS4 PRO, and the sales are pretty wonderful.

The announcement came as a last minute stinger for the PSX kick-off event when Shawn Layden revealed that he was wearing a MediEvil shirt under his jacket.

Sony has already confirmed we can look forward to dozens of new PlayStation VR experiences in 2018, and at the PlayStation Experience 2017 it was confirmed that both The Last Guardian and WipEout Omega Collection will be receiving VR upgrades. So that actually sounds really good, especially as it's unusual to see a game with such an emphasis on speed being reworked for VR. The game is being "fully remastered" for the PlayStation 4.

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