Return to Winter Wonderland - 5 Meis & One Yeti-fied Winston

OW Winter 009

Overwatch's Winter Wonderland event returns December 12

All the new skins will appear alongside last year's skins so you can potentially hoover up any that you missed last time around.

Blizzard made the announcement through Twitter, which also came with a short video showing an invite. The main story revolves around Tracer hunting for a present to give her girlfriend, but the end of the story shows what the other Overwatch characters are doing for Christmas. These limited time decorated maps are always just attractive and Kaplan described this as "one of the most gorgeous jobs [Blizzard's] environmental artists have ever done." so we are in for something special this year. The director teased the skins for "two of our favorite junkers", Roadhog and Junkrat. While Jeff didn't outright say which comic he was referring to, there is little doubt that this is one he was suggesting is coming.

As usual, legendary skins will make an appearance.

During this period players will also be able to use the gold currency in the Hero Gallery to unlock items from this year and the previous year's Winter Wonderland collection. Get ready to open those loot boxes. What's new here is it's expanding to the Black Forest map too, and a change in scenery is always a nice addition to have.

Winter Wonderland debuted past year, and this latest outing promises a mix of the familiar and the new. All of them can be purchased for a heavily reduced price that falls in line with the core Overwatch skins.

Same as the Winter Wonderland of 2016, players will get to play Mei's Snowball Offensive again.

Existing maps in the game, like Hanamura and King's Row will be getting a winter makeover, just like they did in last year's winter event, and Mei's snowball fight event will now be playable in both the Antarctica and Black Forest maps. It's touted as a boss-fight kind of deal, but the fun part is, another player will be playing Winston, who might develop recurring nightmares of thousands of Meis shooting at them.

When the Winter Wonderland event is over, it will take Mei's Yeti Hunt with it.

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