Roger Goodell receives extension from the NFL

Report | Roger Goodell signs new contract

Report: Roger Goodell receives extension from the NFL

In recent days, we have spoken with each of you individually regarding the status of the negotiations to extend Commissioner Goodell's employment contract.

Roger Goodell has signed a five-year contract extension to remain the commissioner of the National Football League, according to a letter obtained by ESPN.

The deal will reportedly be worth about $40 million over the five years, according to the Washington Post.

"We are pleased to report that there is a almost unanimous consensus among the ownership in favor of signing the contract extension now", the NFL's compensation committee said in a letter obtained by FOX Business. Although Jones had been claiming that he had several owners in his corner who were also against Goodell's contract, the memo noted that there was a "nearly unanimous consensus" among owners who thought it was a good idea to give Goodell an extension. The deal was signed today, according to ProFootballTalk, although the terms of the deal have not yet been disclosed. It was particularly gratifying to hear so many owners commit to being more engaged in League affairs and to express the desire to work more closely with the Commissioner and League staff on matters critical to the League.

It got so bad, at one point, that Jones threatened to sue the league should the extension go through.

A number of owners backed Jones in his stance against Goodell, but ultimately, Goodell had enough backing from most of the owners to get a deal done. The NFL paid Goodell almost $32 million in fiscal year 2015, the last year for which public records exist.

With the league meeting set to basically be held in Jones' backyard, it is somewhat surprising that the Compensation Committee made a decision to execute the deal before December 13.

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