Russian Federation calls USA threat to destroy North Korea a 'bloodthirsty tirade'

A man looks at a TV screen broadcasting news of North Korea's missile launch in Tokyo Wednesday Nov. 29 2017. After 2 months of relative peace North Korea launched its most powerful weapon yet early Wednesday a presumed intercontinental ballist

A man looks at a TV screen broadcasting news of North Korea's missile launch in Tokyo Wednesday Nov. 29 2017

After Pyongyang's most recent missile launch a Hwasong-15 missile on Wednesday, Trump responded with an uncharacteristically restrained "We'll handle [it]" before returning to his typical rhetoric, calling North Korean leader Kim Jong Un a "sick puppy" at a rally in Missouri.

The latest threat came after North Korea tested its third ICBM, which it claimed was capable of striking anywhere in the United States.Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov poured scorn on Washington's call to cut ties with North Korea and introduce new sanctions against it. He advocated negotiations instead.

"The latest U.S. actions look created to deliberately provoke Pyongyang into taking new extreme action", Mr Lavrov told reporters in Belarus, according to a Russian Foreign Ministry transcript. The Americans, he said, "should explain to us all what they're after".

His comments come in response to Washington's statement on the need to cut ties with North Korea.

"But the Americans completely ignore this requirement and I consider this a big mistake".

The US ambassador to the UN Security Council Nikki Haley said the North Korean regime would be "utterly destroyed" if war comes.

The editorial called out the U.S. for "escalating hostility" in Asia and bringing the world closer to nuclear war. "We do not see any reasonable alternative to it", it said.

"We always think that this is going to be a conflict with the United States and South Korea and Japan on one side and North Korea on the other".

The US President travelled across Asia meeting with allies to present a united front to stand up against the brutal dictator's hermit kingdom. "China must show leadership and follow through". Gen. Shao Yuanming and the US Defense Department's Lt. Gen Richard Clarke discussed ways to improve communication channels regarding the situation on the Korean Peninsula, the South China Morning Post reports.

Meanwhile, Trump's Principal Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah said: "We'll see future actions by the United States and others and we're looking forward to applying as much pressure as we can to get to our ultimate goal, which is a denuclearised Korean Peninsula". North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test in early September and has since threatened to conduct a seventh test over the Pacific Ocean, which would pose a huge risk to shipping and aircraft.

Last month, President Donald Trump said Russian Federation was hurting USA efforts to disarm the North Korea of its nuclear weapons. "The Chinese envoy, who just returned from North Korea, seems to have had no impact on Little Rocket Man", Mr Trump said.

"The government does not think that North Korea's latest test demonstrated full capability for an ICBM, including the re-entry technology and a precision guidance system", spokeswoman Lee Eugene told journalists.

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