Android's Andy Rubin Left Google After Inquiry Found Inappropriate Relationship

Andy Rubin reportedly had an 'inappropriate relationship' at Google, is temporarily stepping away from Essential

Report: Android creator Andy Rubin left Google over an inappropriate workplace relationship

Citing three people familiar with the matter, the news outlet reported that Google began its investigation into the relationship after an employee complained to the company's HR department about her relationship with Rubin.

While Mr. Rubin hasn't commented on the situation, his spokesperson, Mike Sitrick, said that "any relationship that Mr. Rubin had while at Google was consensual". So, simplifying the information that's out there thus far - Mr. Rubin had an alleged relationship with an employee at Google, breaking company policy, which may or may not have been a catalyst in his leaving the company.

Essential isn't offering any detail beyond that statement, but Rubin reportedly announced the decision to his staff on Monday after The Information told the executive's spokesman that it was working on a story about his 2014 exit from Google.

Rubin, who is the founder of Essential Products, a technology hardware startup, is taking a leave of absence to deal with "personal matters". Rubin left the Android division, where the woman worked, in 2013 to take over Google's robotics division.

That investigation, according to The Information, concluded that "Rubin's behaviour was improper and showed bad judgement".

Essential founder and CEO Andy Rubin has taken a leave of absence from his new company for "personal reasons" following a report on the circumstances of his 2014 departure from Google.

Mashable has reached out to Essential for additional comment.

When Rubin left Google, he made no mention of an investigation or allegations of an inappropriate relationship.

Andy Rubin is best known as the "father" of Android, the mobile operating system that would make Google the biggest smartphone player in the world. Now, the issue resurfaced recently and the bid to avoid a scandal may have resulted in the sudden leave of absence by Rubin from Essential Phone at this time. "Thank you." Rubin himself told the Wall Street Journal he left because he wanted to do something new.

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