All Chromebooks can now download Microsoft Office from Google Play Store

Microsoft Office is now available for all Chromebooks

It took its sweet time but Microsoft Office for Android is now available on all Play Store-compatible Chromebooks according to Chrome

Are you able to download the new Microsoft Office suite on your Google Chromebook via the Play Store?

This week Chromebooks are once again able to use the entire Microsoft Office app suite VIA Android apps. Well, the wait is now over and ALL Chromebooks can now run Microsoft Office.

"We've not received any grand announcement or explanation., but we've seen all over the place reports of Chromebooks finally getting Microsoft Office apps running", said Chrome Unboxed. The state of the situation has been that the Office Android apps were available on some devices, but not on others.

Microsoft has suddenly changed its strategy, the company has now released the Office productivity suite for all Chromebooks in the Google Play store.

The move is significant Chromebooks are primarily - in the United States at least - used by a majority of the K-12 students, meaning without Office it is easier for many to simply use Google Apps.

These apps are the Android version of Office, which are fairly full-featured, though those who use desktop versions might have a bit of adjusting to do. More details about what features the subscription unlocks can be found here. Along with the manufacturers, Chromebook users would also be happy with the apps even if they were satisfied with G Suite. Now the most commonly used document app suite of all time makes for a Chrome OS environment to be reckoned with. Anything larger than 10.1-inches and the subscription fee kicks in.

The app is now available from the Google Play Store, according to Chrome Unboxed. and is free to any device with a screen size less than 10.1 inches, such as the Chromebook Flip from Asus. Personal subscriptions to Office 365 cost $6.99 per month, or $69.99 a year.

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