Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton come to Malia Obama's defense

'Leave Her Alone!'- Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton Rush to Defend Malia Obama

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton Agree: Media Should Leave Malia Obama Alone

Clinton additionally soon tolled in, expressing, "Malia Obama's private life, as a young lady, an understudy, a private subject, ought not be your clickbait".

Shortly after TMZ posted photos of Malia Obama kissing a boy and smoking cigarettes at Harvard, where she is now a student, some other of her snitching-ass "friends" posted video of her blowing smoke rings which the conservative press ran with.

Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are defending Malia Obama.

The eldest daughter of President Obama, Malia is a freshman at Harvard. But everyone need spaces to make their own decisions-especially if they're someone like Malia Obama, who spent eight incredibly formative years in the White House because her dad was leading the world. "Malia Obama should be allowed the same privacy as her school aged peers", Trump wrote in a tweet. "Be better." Clinton has also come to the support of President Trump's son, Barron, who is 11 years old.

'Leave Her Alone!'- Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton Rush to Defend Malia Obama
Ivanka Trump, Chelsea Clinton Defend Malia Obama Against the Media: She Should Be "Off Limits"

Previous President Barack Obama tried endeavoring to keep his little girls out of the news cycle.

Being in the white house for eight years, Sasha and Malia have always tried to stay away from the public eye.

"We have helped outlets to remember this demand keeping in mind the end goal to ensure the protection and security of these young ladies".

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