Google Pixel 2 Update Improves Battery Life Estimates

Google explains how it makes personalized battery life predictions

Google Pixel and Pixel Xl gets new features along with Android 8.1 Developer Preview

Now, the phone will evaluate how battery usage occurs over time and will use these data points as a reference to predict your battery drain on similar days. In a blog post, the search giant noted that the battery predictions so far were based on a simple logic, for instance, if a user is using 20% battery each hour for the past few hours, the algorithm assumes the rate to continue, and gives the forecast accordingly.

You can view these reworked estimates under the Battery option in Settings on your Pixel or Pixel 2 like usual, and tapping on the battery icon from the Battery page will now show an even more accurate preview of your battery life as the day goes on. Michelle, the product manager from Google's NYC office, says that this prediction is not always accurate.

In an attempt to make battery life estimates more accurate, Google is set to introduce a new "on-device" feature named "smart battery" to Pixel smartphones.

Previously, the Android-powered phone just used to track user pattern for the last several hours and take an average of the usage and predict how long the battery would last with current power.

Google and Nexus users can head to Settings tab on their device to see battery predictions.

The first Pixel smartphones "Made by Google" have received some new features with the latest Pixel Launcher update. The Pixel has 2,770mAh battery and is claimed to deliver up to 26 hours of talk time on single charge.

In particular, Google has improved the battery level assumption by the smartphone. The personalised estimate is usually found under the "Battery" section.

To get an assessment of high and low control by the new Smart battery feature, clients can tap on the full-size battery symbol which will then illustrate distinctive user prototype for battery usage.

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