Apple Reportedly Acquired AR headset Startup Vrvana for $30 million

Apple has acquired Vrvana maker of a Mixed Reality headset for a reported sum of around $30m

Apple has acquired Vrvana maker of a Mixed Reality headset for a reported sum of around $30m

Apple and Vrvana declined to comment. This technologically advanced headset has won accolades (note the CES 2017 award badge in the product image) for "seamlessly blending" AR and VR, while virtually eliminating camera lag.

Vrvana is best known for the Totem, an as-yet-unreleased hybrid headset that mixes augmented reality and virtual reality technologies into a single "extended reality" device. Cancelled in the final week, Vrvana didn't disappear, instead it has been quietly working away on a mixed reality (MR) device of the same name.

TechCrunch further noted that "The deal is significant because while we have seen reports and rumors about Apple's interest in AR hardware, the company has been very tight-lipped and generally is very secretive about completely new, future products". Two sources familiar with the deal said Apple paid around Dollars 30 million for the company. Though it did not offer its boilerplate confirmation, Apple did not refute the acquisition claims. Currently, the Vrvana site is still active, but it has made stops in the updates on social accounts and also on news from the month of August this year. This acquisition is perhaps the clearest indicator yet of what the company is hoping to develop. It is likely that Apple will take advantage of Vrvana's expertise to create a augmented reality glasses on its own, under the supervision of the company's design head Jony Ive. "Totem's hand tracking and inside-out positional tracking empowers your workforce to manipulate virtual objects with their hands wherever they please". This could be one reason why Apple is taking the AR tech so seriously. A number of Vrvana's employees have reportedly relocated to working at Apple's campus. Those using abusive language or negative behavior will result in being blacklisted on Disqus.

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