Apple's HomePod reportedly pulled from holiday release, slated for 2018

Apple Home Pod delay price features

Apple Home Pod was scheduled to ship in December

For right now though, you should enjoy your Amazon Echo, Google Home, or any other smart speaker you may have. Instead of being available in December, it will ship early next year, the company told CNN Tech.

If you were planning on purchasing the Apple HomePod next month, you are going to have to wait. Smart speakers from Google and Amazon let users give voice commands to play Spotify, but Apple Music does not work on the rival devices. "We'll start shipping in the U.S., United Kingdom and Australia in early 2018", an Apple spokeswoman said via email.

The delay could be related to obtaining the raw materials for the HomePod's components, as John Martellaro suggested on Friday's TMO Daily Observations podcast.

Today, it conceded it will "need a little more time" before HomePod is ready for public consumption. Where Apple does fall short is providing a smart experience with Siri.

The delay is the second time in as many years Apple has been forced to delay a major audio product launch.

Alongside the growing popularity of the smart home movement is an increased interest in smart speakers: not only are they a great way to fill the house with music, they also serve as gateways to voice-activated information as well as smart home functionality. But voice control is created to work only with Apple Music, the company's $10 a month subscription service.

A United Kingdom price for the device is still to be confirmed, but it will be priced at $349 in the USA - significantly higher than both the Echo and Google Home.

If you were hoping to buy a HomePod for your honey this holiday season, you'll have to come up with plan b.

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