Jupiter and Venus Will be Closest in the Skies Tomorrow

Venus and Jupiter conjunction 2017

GETTYVenus Jupiter conjunction 2017 The planets will rise as one on Monday

The public are being advised to remember that the planets will rise so close to each other that they might look like one extremely bright star.

Venus and Jupiter will rise together about an hour before sunrise in the eastern sky, but will remain low on the horizon.

On Monday morning, the two planets will appear to be less than a degree apart from our vantage point on earth according to Space.com.

Sometimes, the sky may seem to smile over much of planet Earth.

Stargazers in the Ireland will get over an hour of viewing time before light from the sun hides the planets and a clear horizon, preferably on top of a hill or balcony is being reccomended as an ideal spot to watch the passing.

Jupiter's four Galilean moons will also be visible to those with a telescope.

It is the unusual proximity that will make the event bigger, although Venus will still be 246 million kilometers from Earth, while Jupiter is nearly 594 million miles away from us.

Experts note that to observe the convergence of Venus and Jupiter and other planets will be possible only in clear and cloudless weather, and only in the morning.

The phenomenon, known as the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, will happen just before sunrise on November 13 or November 14, depending on where you live in the world.

Since the event will be followed by the rising sun, viewers should protect their eyes and make sure never to stare directly at the sun through binoculars or a telescope.

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