Man rams auto into students in Toulouse, arrested

The attack happened near the French city of Toulous

Image The attack happened near the French city of Toulous

Toulouse prosecutor Pierre-Yves Couilleau told reporters that three students were injured on Friday when the motorist drove into the group, near a university campus in the city of Blagnac.

The three injured, one male and two female, are all at their early 20s, said the consulate.

A auto has "deliberately" mowed down terrified pedestrians after mounting a pavement near a high school in north west France - leaving at least three injured. According to the police, three students were injured.

At least two are in critical condition.

Police Sources have said that the incident was deliberate but the driver, reported to be aged 28, was not on a security watch list.

Authorities say the victims were rushed to nearby hospitals, but none of them are suffering from life threatening injuries.

Police said they were looking into his psychiatric history after he told officers as they arrested him he heard voices telling him to hurt someone, local media said.

The driver attempted to drive off but was stopped by police and arrested straight away.

As the Europe 1 television network reported, the incident happened at the exit of Lyceum-college St. Exupery.

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