Eminem Recruits Beyoncé For His Comeback Anthem "Walk On Water"

Just what the doctor ordered… as Eminem teases Revival

Eminem Drops New Single 'Walk On Water' Featuring Beyoncé

Eminem has seemingly confirmed the title of his upcoming album.

Grab a life vest and call your life coach, because Queen Bey and Slim Shady's anti-ballad is about to mess you up.

The song is believed to be the first single from his unconfirmed album Revival, and you can hear it in the players below.

Listen to "Walk on Water" below!

Eminem released "Walk on Water", the first single off his 2017 album Revival, on Friday.

However, choosing to drop a track with Beyoncé appears to have been one of the most cleverly calculated moves since Jay-Z dropped "Holy Grail" with Justin Timberlake.

In their new song "Walk on Water" the music icons speak on the pressures of fame and their fan's inclination to hold them to a godlike standard. Eminem chimes in: "Why are expectations so high?" "Is it the bar I set, my arms outstretched, but I can't reach?"

In addition, just last month, the 45-year-old also made headlines after he freestyled about Donald Trump while at the BET Hip-Hop Awards. Not a bad way to get some extra press before he serves as musical guest on the November 18 episode of Saturday Night Live.

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