Self-driving bus involved in crash on first day in Las Vegas

A driverless bus was involved in a crash hours after it was launched on Nov. 8 2017

A driverless bus was involved in a crash hours after it was launched on Nov. 8 2017

The truck was reversing into a loading dock, but the driver of the truck couldn't see the shuttle.

When the service debuted in the city on Wednesday, one of the driverless vehicles was involved in a collision with a delivery truck, the Las Vegas government said in a statement. While this driver was cited for illegal backing, he or she may not have known the vehicle behind the truck was autonomous - and, in turn, may have expected the shuttle to react to the truck's movements.

The city of Las Vegas is working hard on becoming a go-to destination for testing self-driving cars and the driverless shuttles are part of that program.

And so it was for a brand new driverless shuttle bus, that crashed on its very first day in operation in Las Vegas. The group will also survey riders before and after each trip to understand why the majority of Americans remain anxious about self-driving technology, and whether the shuttle experience changes their mind.

The shuttle crashed just before noon not far from the Las Vegas Strip, less than two hours after officials held an unveiling ceremony to promote the vehicle.

The bus began its trip in downtown Las Vegas and many people were there to get a chance to ride the autonomous bus.

During the incident in downtown Las Vegas, the bus automatically stopped to try avoid an accident after its sensors detected the truck, the city said. It seats eight people and has the ability to immediately brake automatically or manually in case anything crosses its path.

It's the first time the shuttles have been tested in the United States but they have already arrived in London, where the former Olympic park in Stratford began a trial by Navya and Keolis in September. He said the vehicle has data that could shed light into the incident. Back in September, Navya and transport company Keolis tested a self-driving bus in east London.

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