The US Is Officially The Only Country Against The Paris Climate Agreement

Anti-coal demonstrators march near the surface mining Hambach near Kerpen Germany Sunday Nov. 5 2017 one day ahead of the opening of the UN Climate Summit in Bonn Germany. AP  PTI

Syria signs Paris climate agreement

"I confirm that the Syrian Arab Republic supports the implementation of Paris climate change accord, in order to achieve the desired global goals and to reflect the principles of justice and shared responsibility, but in accordance with the capabilities of each of the signatories,"said Syria's Deputy Minister of Local Administration and Environment, M. Wadah Katmawi, according to CNN".

Trump said the United States, the second largest producer of greenhouse gases after China, would stay withdrawn unless the agreement could be renegotiated.

The U.S. was instrumental in the accord to limit emissions of carbon dioxide and combat man-made climate change when it was formed in 2015, though President Trump announced earlier this year that he was backing out to put "America first". "Syria has not been invited", the ministry said in a terse statement. But it said Damascus had not yet filed any of the official documents to sign up.

"Canada salutes Nicaragua and Syria for joining on to the Paris Agreement!".

Nauert said that the department's under secretary for political affairs, Tom Shannon, would lead a USA delegation to the Bonn talks next week but that Trump's decision would stand.

David Waskow, of the World Resources Institute think tank, noted that Mr Trump's climate views had previously isolated him from other leading economies in the Group of Seven and the Group of 20.

In order to keep global temperatures less than 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, the agreement calls on each country to craft a plan to fight climate change.

"Nations that are entering the phase of post-war recovery - as my nation has seen a war that was oppressive upon it - should be given the priority in reconstruction and reorganizing the environment and climate", he said.

Trump has said he will pull out of the Paris agreement unless Washington can secure more favourable terms for American businesses and taxpayers.

The Bonn meeting is seeking to write a detailed "rule book" for the Paris agreement, including details of how to report and check all nations' greenhouse gas emissions.

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