Sen. Rand Paul recovering at home after assault

Sen. Rand Paul recovering from 5 broken ribs

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He was assaulted at his gated community home in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on Friday, allegedly by a neighbour who has since been charged with assault. Rand Paul in their neighborhood in Bowling Green, Ky. It is not clear exactly how soon he will return to work, as the pain is considerable as is the difficulty in getting around, including flying, ' said Doug Stafford, Paul's chief of staff.

Paul has toiled in the Senate for more than 6 years.

Paul is now recovering from five rib fractures, in addition to three displaced fractures.

According to Trooper Jeremy Hodges, a spokesman for the Kentucky State Police, the new information regarding the seriousness of Paul's injuries could prompt prosecutors to charge Boucher with a felony. The severe pain can last for weeks or months.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says fellow Sen. Boucher is seen here in a photo from the Warren County Regional Jail.

Paul and Boucher also had a previous disagreement about a property line involving a creek behind the lawmaker's house where Paul's sons would sometimes play, the source added.

According to the arrest warrant the Republican politician suffered injuries to his face and had trouble breathing because of a blow to the ribs.

It was unknown to them whether diplomacies were an impulse for the assault, in accordance to an older aide to the senator, who spoke on the status of anonymity because the aide was not commissioned to converse regarding the episode. According to online records from the county jail, Boucher was released on a $7,500 bond on Saturday after spending almost 24 hours in the facility.

It is believed Boucher is an acquaintance of Paul's.

He once marketed the product on the QVC shopping channel.

Boucher, of Bowling Green, is charged with fourth-degree assault with a minor injury, a misdemeanour.

The two men had not spoken in several years and a rift between the pair possibly stemmed from Boucher's distaste for Paul's politics, as well as those of his father, former Texas Rep. Ron Paul, a source said.

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