IPhone users suffer freakish autocorrect fault - but there is a fix

The iPhone X bug makes typing a problem

The iPhone X bug makes typing a problem Credit Telegraph

Go to Settings General Keyboard Text Replacement. Instead of seeing an "i" you'll see the keyboard autocorrect to the letter "A" with a symbol. Beside Phrase, type "I", and beside Shortcut, type "i". The lowercase letter "i" is being replaced by gibberish.

Guidance from Apple indicates you should stay where you are unless you are experiencing problems, since the main objective of the iOS 11.1 update is to fix bugs.

Users can also disable predictive text completely, in order to halt the autocorrection.

Apple is releasing hundreds of new ones with the iOS 11.1 update for iPhones and iPads. This underlines further iOS 11.1 issues and problems, and the bug is apparent throughout iMessage, Twitter, Instagram, and other apps. Last week, researchers participating in the Pwn2Own 2017 contest successfully hacked an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.1, and were able to drop malicious code into the device.

Some people have taken to Twitter to complain about the weird glitch over the weekend. Owners of Apple's watchOS, the operating system for its smartwatches, say their devices are crashing when requesting information related to the weather, according to The Guardian.

Some people took to Twitter to complain about the freaky glitch over the weekend. A bug in the latest version of iOS is preventing iPhone users from typing the letter "I"-the 10th most common word in the English language".

"This can occur in more extreme cases such as when the same high contrast image is continuously displayed for prolonged periods of time".

The full set of new emojis included more smiley faces, gender-neutral characters, new clothing options like a trenchcoat and a headscarf, and fun mystical creatures such as vampires and genies.

Tap on Add New Keyboard...

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