Australia PM Malcolm Turnbull mulls law to force lawmakers to declare citizenship

Stephen Parry the leader of the upper house will reportedly submit his resignation Thursday

Stephen Parry the leader of the upper house will reportedly submit his resignation Thursday

In the wake of a wave of citizenship upsets that saw politicians including Barnaby Joyce, Malcolm Roberts and Larissa Waters ousted from parliament after it was discovered that they were dual citizens at the time of their election, Malcolm Turnbull has finally chose to do something about the whole debacle.

If they had been a dual citizen, the lawmakers will need to provide details and evidence of having renounced their foreign citizenship.

Mr Turnbull told a news conference on Monday that all MPs and Senators will be required to submit a declaration of their citizenship.

Mr Turnbull was keen to confirm that "this is not an audit, there is no auditor".

They will also be required to declare the birthplace of their parents, but not their grandparents.

'The obligation is on each member and each senator to make a full disclosure'.

Last week, the Australian High Court found five parliamentarians were illegally elected previous year, including the country's deputy prime minister, Barnaby Joyce, whose ineligibility has put the coalition government's one-seat majority in the Lower House under threat.

"Until this matter is resolved I think that it's going to be an ongoing circus and governments and countries can't afford to have an ongoing circus of this type", he told 2GB.

The prime minister said he will be speaking to opposition leader Bill Shorten later this week, and hopes to get approval for the process from Labor and the cross bench. He added that any member can refer their colleagues to the High Court to determine their eligibility.

Last month, Australia's highest court decided that five politicians - including Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce - were invalidly elected because they held dual citizenship.

The Australian Greens won't be supporting the plan.

Turnbull's government lost its majority in parliament after his deputy was ejected for being a dual citizen.

The declaration will be made through the parliamentary register of members' and senators' interests and must state to the best of their knowledge they are not a citizen of another country.

They must disclose their date and place of birth as well as those details for their parents.

"If a member, for example, were to make a statement here that was incorrect or false then they would be committing a very serious breach of privilege".

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