Taylor Swift teases new single 'Call It What You Want'

He was there too Also on hand was her co-star Ryan Seacrest

He was there too Also on hand was her co-star Ryan Seacrest

The most recent addition to the singer's to-do list is a NY pop-up store, set to sell all of her reputation tour merch, on November 12-16. Release day ensues more excitement for Swifties as the extended version of the performance on Thursday night will air on Freeform on Friday, November 10. A sneak peek of a promo announcing the performance was shown exclusively on "Good Morning America" today.

Viewers will get a tease of Swift's performance during "Grey's Anatomy" tonight.

Now, take a look at these words from her new song: "You don't need to save me.But would you run away with me?"

Taylor Swift fans are reconsidering just who they thought Taylor Swift was talking about in her song "Gorgeous, " thanks to a new behind-the-scenes video that the singer released on social media Wednesday.

The whole shirt thing turned into a good-natured joke amongst Taylor Swift fans, because let's face it: It's great to know that even song-writing goddesses experience fashion snafus.

See the similarity between this style and the one that made waves in 2014? She is the youngest person in history to win the music industry's highest honor, The GRAMMY Award for Album of the year and she is the first female solo artist to win this prestigious award twice.

The blonde beauty was joined by 60 crew members, including extras and backing dancers, at the Kentish Delight takeaway in Kentish Town to shoot the promo for one of her songs. A Brit and Emmy award victor, Taylor is Billboard's youngest-ever Woman of the Year and the only artist to have been awarded this honor twice.

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