Confusion over new US-bound flight rules

New Screenings for US-Bound Passengers on Global Airlines

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The new rule that took effect on Thursday loosens restrictions on carry-on electronics but steps up other security requirements for airports and airlines.This means travelers may be subject to short interviews that could cause longer clearance times, flight delays and even recommendations to arrive at the airport earlier. "These new measures will impact all flights from airports that serve as last points of departure locations to the United States".

"TSA continues to evaluate and modify its procedures to keep travelers safe", William Csontos, TSA Federal Security Director for CT, said in a statement. Air France said it will provide questionnaires for all US-bound passengers to fill out. Privately some airline officials worry that a major increase in passenger interviews could slow the boarding process and lead to flight delays. In Dubai, Emirates has begun searching carry-on bags and questioning passengers about their luggage, trip origin, and liquids.

Delta Air Lines and Hong Kong's Cathay Pacific Airways are telling worldwide travellers to arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flight to allow time for security screening.

"This is not a positive", he said of the U.S. measures at an industry conference in Taipei.

Passengers flying Cathay Pacific to the United States can expect to be "interviewed" for security reasons. Those without bags would have a similar interview at their gates.

Airlines that do not meet new security standards could see a laptop ban for carry-on and checked bags imposed, according to DHS. The new rules are part of an effort by the Department of Homeland Security to more thoroughly screen travelers headed to the United States.

Travellers could face more detailed inspection of their electronic devices.

Kilani said he does not know what types of questions would be asked.

This is the latest decision by President Donald Trump's administration affecting global travel.

All of them. The new procedures apply to all flights to the U.S. from other countries. That ban was lifted after those airlines began using devices like CT scanners to examine electronics just before passengers board airplanes heading to the United States. Emirates, the region's biggest, said it slashed 20 per cent of its flights to America in the wake of the restrictions.

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