New service gives Amazon a Key to your house for deliveries

Amazon Cloud Cam    
   Becca Farsace

Amazon Cloud Cam Becca Farsace

Delivering a product straight into customer's homes is breaking new ground in the world of logistics, but similar concepts have been established for customers' cars, with Swedish automotive manufacturer Volvo unveiling an in-car delivery service in May previous year.

The delivery person will place the package close to the entryway of the home and once the delivery is complete, the smart lock will relock as the delivery person exits your home.

Amazon began putting lockers in nearby stores and constructing lobbies.

Once it is all set up, you'll need to select "free in-home delivery" at checkout on Amazon.

As the name suggests, the Cloud Cam uses your in-home Wi-Fi to talk to the lock when a courier arrives with your package. The camera is connected to the lock via Zigbee. If the courier information and the barcode on your package checks out, the Cloud Cam starts recording and the courier is able to unlock your door simply by swiping in an app. The latter notification will allow customers to view a live stream of the delivery.

The system deals with locks from Kwikset and Yale, two well-known brands.

The entire system will work off whatever the e-commerce giant learned from building the Alexa device ecosystem and its applications in smart home systems. You'll need to install Amazon's Cloud Cam near your door, and sync your smart home up with an Amazon Key-compatible smart lock. Customers' packages will be dropped inside not left out on the porch or front door. Prime members can preorder the installation kit now.

Prime members can pre-order one (or several) right now. And will the benefit of having your packages delivered quickly and securely outweigh any concerns about privacy and security customers might have? If you already own a compatible lock, you can buy the camera for $120.

Amazon key - shifting my anxiety over stolen packages on my doorstep to strangers hiding in my closet.

Amazon Key will be available in 37 USA cities to start - including Los Angeles and Orange counties - and Amazon says it will add more.

Amazon said that, in the coming months, Amazon Key will expand to include professional service providers.

What that means is, say, you want to schedule a dog walker but can't be there to let him or her into the house every day.

"Amazon Key" is reserved for clients Premium Amazon, that is to say, paying a subscription giving them access to digital content (films and series, music, books...) and free shipping. Each time a delivery driver requests access to a customer's home, Amazon verifies that the correct driver is at the right address, at the intended time, through an encrypted authentication process.

"It's significant in that we're working with Amazon, obviously a powerhouse in online retailing, and working with them on one of the most innovative programs in e-commerce and home delivery", the firm said in a statement provided to the E-Commerce Times by spokesperson Terry Shea. You can also use this to let in service appointments or guests.

Once these conditions are met, the camera positioned in the housing starts to record and the door is unlocked. But the company is hoping you'll use these devices for other things as well.

The Amazon Key app also grants access to people you trust as an alternative to putting a key under the doormat. Whether that is on a permanent, one-time, or recurring basis is up to you.

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