Shock at woman with rare condition that causes her to SWEAT BLOOD

In a an article published Monday in the Canadian Medical Association Journal doctors in Florence Italy describe the case of a young women with a history of spontaneous bleeding from her palms and face

Woman, 21, 'sweats' BLOOD from her face and palms when she's stressed

However, the bleeding continued, and her doctors reached a rare diagnosis: hematohidrosis, or "blood sweating".

Please note: this article contains an image of a medical nature that some may consider graphic.

Imagine a 21-year-old woman arriving at a hospital with perfectly normal-looking skin.

A report in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ) described how medics tried to find what causes the 21-year-old's mystery condition.

The woman, whose name isn't disclosed, told doctors she'd been experiencing this kind of bleeding for three years.

She said that she had become socially isolated following his state of health and that she presented symptoms of depression and panic disorder.

The Italian doctors said there was no obvious trigger for the freaky condition, which happened when she exercised and even slept. This Italian patient sweats blood.

Hematohidrosis is a rare condition that causes the body to sweat blood.

"Based on the presence of erythrocytes on microscopic examination (excluding disorders that induce "coloured sweat" secretion, such as chromhidrosis and pseudochromhidrosis), we diagnosed hematohidrosis". The current hypothesis that blood goes through the woman's sweat glands because of "abnormal constrictions and expansions" of blood vessels has not been proven.

The condition has been reported for centuries, although some doctors have been skeptical of its existence, according to Dr. Jacalyn Duffin, a medical historian and hematologist at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, who wrote a commentary accompanying the case report. "There are mentions of the phenomenon as far back as Aristotle".

She added that numerous cases she discovered had occurred in modern times, including 18 since 2000.

The Italian scientist then chose to treat their patient with a beta blocker called propranolol, since others treated their patients similarly in the past time. The woman in this particular case was treated with a medication typically used to treat blood pressure irregularities, and was able to see an improvement in her symptoms, but not a complete stop to the bleeding.

But now the little tot bleeds from her mouth, ears and eyes nearly every day despite having no visible marks, leaving her exhausted and with crippling migraines.

In May, another, similar case was reported in Thailand.

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