WhatsApp might've revealed its next major new feature

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There are hardly any smartphones that don’t have WhatsApp

The WaBetaInfo Twitter account has become the go to place to get the lowdown on new WhatsApp features before they are made available in the full version of the app. Facebook Messenger app already has a similar feature. The WhatsApp allowed its users to make voice calls and also video calls, but the concept of a group calling or the conference call has never existed. One of the new tools that will be introduced will bring in a situation on any group admin can not remove the creator of the group.

Facebook owned messaging platform WhatsApp after launching the live location tracking feature last week, now the company is launching group video calls for its users. This is what WABetaInfo had to say "The 2.17.70 update has very hidden references to group calls!" Check more details of WhatsApp Group Call conferencing from here below. The "unsend" feature of WhatsApp we are all waiting for, might just launch soon as well. WhatsApp has other priorities right now, for example the imminent RECALL release. For example, if you are on a call with your friend, you can add another friend into the call simply by pressing the add button and group call including the 3 of you will be created.

Speaking about the availability of group calling, it is said to be rolled out to the users next year.

As faster internet connectivity is available to the masses now, people are using video calling a lot more than ever.

The recent update from WhatsApp has some hidden, upcoming features, which includes group voice calls. After opting-in to the feature, it would allow the users to track their friends' location on the map which will update automatically with movement. Also, the admins will be able to control the access needed to modify the subject of the group. There is also a choice to keep the group maker to be deleted from the group by other administrators. The WhatsApp has also given an unbelievable feature like one can update the 24-hour status apart from the static status. The WhatsApp will also notify if someone changes their WhatsApp number to a different number.

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