Polestar 1: Meet Volvo's 600hp, hybrid GT vehicle

Ford reveals S Max concept ahead of 2013 Frankfurt motor show

Ford reveals S Max concept ahead of 2013 Frankfurt motor show

The first vehicle is due to go into production in mid-2019, at the company's new purpose-built production facility in China.

"The flat rate subscription means that having a Polestar auto becomes a hassle free experience for the customer", said Volvo, which opens the Polestar 1 order book globally today.

They will only build 500 models a year of the 2dr four-seater which, although based on Volvo's SPA platform, brings 50pc bespoke change to the set up. At 4.5 metres long it's shorter than the BMW M4, and by the look of these pictures, wider, too. The custom continuously controlled electronic suspension, the first of its kind in the world on any production vehicle by Ohlins is said to offer an unmatched blend of performance and comfort with the driver being able to adjust and fine tune chassis damping on the go according to their needs.

The car's all-electric range is an industry-best (-for-hybrids) 150 km (90 miles) and the technology built into the vehicle incredibly impressive; standard are carbon-fibre body panels, rear-wheel torque vectoring, and Öhlins' all-new Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension system.

Dealing with what will inevitably be a significant mass is an Akebono braking system (like a McLaren P1) with sizeable 400mm discs, while new electronic Ohlins suspension adapts to the road surface and your driving style automatically, or is switchable according to your tastes. Most body parts are lightweight carbon fibre. The vehicle also uses a double electric rear axle, enabling torque vectoring. In this application, the internal combustion unit powers the front axle.

The Polestar 1 GT is the halo for the brand, Ingenlath said, and the first to wear the new Polestar logo on the hood.

Full details are yet to be revealed, but the Polestar 1's pure-electric driving range is claimed to be 150km - "the longest full electric range of any hybrid auto on the market", says Volvo. However, Polestar has not commented over the specifications yet. Things have moved rather quickly over in Sweden: it was only just a few months ago that Polestar was Volvo's performance division making its cars faster and a lot more cyan. "A attractive GT with cutting edge technology - a great start for our new Polestar brand".

The performance aspect of the Polestar 1, however, is not limited to the engine, as it features a new Öhlins Continuously Controlled Electronic Suspension that allows the driver to change suspension settings from inside the auto for better ride or handling, depending on conditions. The company has confirmed plans for its first three models. Meanwhile, timing for the 3 is unclear. Close behind will be the smaller, fully electric Polestar 2, that would compete more directly with the Tesla 3, and an SUV Polestar 3.

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