Breaking Bad Homeowners Put Up Fence To Deal With Annoying Fans

'Breaking Bad' House Owner Builds Iron Fence To Stop People Throwing Pizza On The Roof

Breaking Bad home owner builds 6ft iron fence to stop fans throwing pizzas onto the roof

The owner's of the New Mexico residence that served as Walter White's home on "Breaking Bad" have erected a fence to keep out trespassers.

The family has been asked to close their garage door and even leave their own front yard so that fans can get the flawless shot, and some even steal rocks from the landscaping as makeshift souvenirs.

'We don't want to gate ourselves in, ' she told the news channel.

As it turns out, some people simply can not let go of their Breaking Bad obsession.

So much so that after a "particularly messy weekend", the residents of the famous Albuquerque home have made a decision to put up a 6-foot high wrought iron fence, KOB 4 a local news channel in New Mexico reports.

Alright, we're not saying that we'd find this funny at all if it was our own house - but as stories go, it's pretty amusing to an innocent bystander.

In the third season scene, White brings a pizza home for his family to feast on, but after his wife, who just discovered her husband cooks meth, locks him out, the frustrated breadwinner takes his anger out on the innocent pizza.

White didn't just toss the pizza out for no reason, though. "We're the ones who [are] being locked up". Eating a pizza you paid for.

Hearing of the situation, even the show's creator Vince Gilligan condemned fans for creating such a ruckus during an interview in 2015. "Hey guys, let's throw this pizza onto the roof of this house".

Joanne Quintana tells KOB-TV that she loses count of the number of weekly visitors to the house that her mother owns. What you see below was the first take they shot-Bryan Cranston nails it.

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