Firecrackers ban in Delhi-NCR

Air Pollution in Delhi

New Delhi bans fireworks for Diwali to combat chronic pollution

On Monday, the Supreme Court had banned the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR till November 1.

The top court's order also does not specify what happens to all those who bring in firecrackers into Delhi-NCR from neighbouring states such as Uttar Pradesh or Haryana where sale of firecrackers is legal. However, there is no clarity on selling of firecrackers online. But the November order was briefly lifted last month, allowing residents to buy firecrackers ahead of Diwali, which falls on October 19 this year.

There are different websites like, ayyanonline,,, which offer online delivery of firecrackers.

Pulkit Choudhury, an engineering student from Rajouri Garden, said, "My cousins from other cities will certainly get me crackers from their hometowns and we will celebrate here in Delhi".

On October 6, a bench of Justices AK Sikri, Abhay Manohar Sapre and Ashok Bhushan reserved its order on the plea seeking restoration of the top court's a year ago order banning the sale of firecrackers in Delhi-NCR. However, it is not yet confirmed if they can or whether they would be able to deliver firecrackers to those regions which have been affected after Supreme Court's order of banning sale of firecrackers. The court had said that the November 11, 2016 order suspending the licences "should be given one chance to test itself" to see if there would be a positive effect of this, particularly during Diwali.

Former Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, who ruled the city-state for nearly 15 years, on Tuesday said that the firecracker ban on Diwali will disappoint people as it is a "sentimental religious celebration". Cricketers like Yuvraj Singh also made a plea to fans to make this Diwali cracker-free.

"With the burning of firecrackers, when small kids had to wear masks, it doesn't feel good ... so lets take this responsibility because its our country at the end of the day and we have to make it better".

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