County officials to vote to repeal Chicago-area soda tax

Chicago Rethinks Soda Tax

Cook County Commissioners Sour on Sugary Drinks Tax

Former McDonald's USA CEO Ed Rensi sounds off on Illinois' soda tax.

The Cook County Board voted 15-2 to end the tax starting December 1.

Low-tax advocates cheered the decision as a blow to the "nanny-state crusade".

The budget cut caused by the repeal tax could amount to 11%, causing a lot of layoffs in order to cut costs. "Beverage taxes are really a money grab that has nothing to do with public health".

The country's largest soda tax was levied and two months after it the oppressed lawmakers in Cook County are already assured to invalidate it.

After delays related to a lawsuit from the Illinois Retail Merchants Association, the tax on sugary beverages went into effect this past August. In the latest poll, about 79 percent said they would not support a commissioner for re-election should they support the tax.

The tax, which was projected to raise $200 million annually, raised $16 million from August 3 to September 20, approximately $2 million less than expected, according to Frank Shuftan, a spokesman for Preckwinkle.

Opponents of the tax said that it violated IL law as it did not apply evenly to all beverages.

"It had nothing to do with health - everything to do with revenue" Goldberg said.

Some retailers opposed to the tax posted signs in the soda aisle telling customers they will pay $1.44 more on each 12-pack of soda because of the tax, and urging them to tell their county commissioner to repeal it.

Revenue was a factor.

Preckwinkle and commissioners will have to decide how they will fill an approximate $200 million budget hole that the tax would have satisfied.

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