Don't blame iOS 11 for your iPhone becoming sluggish

Apple quietly releases iTunes 12.6.3 with iOS App Store for people who still want it

Apple's quiet release of iTunes 12.6.3 brings back App Store access for macOS and Windows

For the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7, the firm found similar results for GPU performance, with consistency reported across the same timeframe and set of iOS updates.

The iPhone 5s was the first device to be tested as it is the oldest device capable of running iOS 11 and also because the 2013 released version was the first iPhone to get a 64-bit A7 chip. iOS 11 is limited to 64-bit devices.

A common claim has resurfaced in the past week: Apple is deliberately slowing down your iPhone.

According to Futuremark: "iPhone 5S GPU performance has remained consistent from iOS 9 to iOS 11, with only minor variations that fall well within normal levels". It's a common belief, but benchmarking firm Futuremark has spent the past year trying to debunk the theory.

New versions of iOS, as well as apps created to support the iOS update, often contain features that are created to work fluidly with the hardware inside new iPhone models. But as the lecturer who inspired the research noted at the time, the spike only shows that people suddenly feel that their iPhone became slower, not that it did, nor that Apple actually engages in the practice.

Futuremark used a free benchmarking app called 3DMark, which tests the graphics and central processing units (GPUs and CPUs, respectively). If you love emojis, iOS 11.1 should be on your radar. No sign that Apple is slowing down your iPhone there, so let's look at the CPU. It further said that it was clear that iOS updates do not have a significant effect on the performance of the device.

The numbers don't lie, folks. Newer features might not be as crisp and snappy. One thing you will notice with the new emojis is that there are many that are now "genderless" since that seems to be what people have been asking for. The truth is, models like the iPhone 5S last an incredibly long time without any performance hits.

Apple's recent 12.7 update to its iTunes app removed support for the iOS App Store and iOS app management.

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