Iran Guard Chief Warns US Against Imposing New Sanctions

Tillerson says will give Trump several options on Iran nuclear deal

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrives to make a statement in Washington

"As we've announced in the past, if the USA new law for sanctions is enforced, this country will have to move their regional bases outside the 2,000 kilometer range of Iran's missiles", the major general remarked.

The US has military bases in countries neighboring Iran, about 300 miles (500 km) from Iran's borders.

The IRGC chief warned on Sunday that if Donald Trump's administration designates the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps as a terrorist organization then the IRGC will consider the USA troops like Daesh.

On Saturday, Iran's president defended the nuclear deal and said not even 10 Donald Trumps can roll back its benefits to Iran.

Jafari cautioned the U.S. government of what he termed as the dire consequences of imposing new sanction against Iran.

They include financial sanctions on anyone who does business with the Revolutionary Guards, as well as millions of dollars in rewards for information leading to the arrest of two operatives from the Iran-backed Lebanese Hizballah movement.

The remarks, carried by Iran's Tasnim news agency, came following reports that the USA could blacklist the Revolutionary Guards as a terrorist group as part of a broad new strategy for dealing with the Islamic Republic to be announced by President Donald Trump.

He said such moves by the USA will eliminate "any chance for engagement forever".

A report on the state television's website cited Jafari as saying that the United States was mistaken if it thought it could pressure Iran into negotiating on regional issues.

The Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) are Iran's most powerful internal and external security force.

Foreign Minister Zarif added that in realty, the region is suffering from mistaken policies of the United States and Iran is confronting terrorism and Takfiri groups and will continue its policies in this framework and realities in the region are gradually enlightened for other world countries.

The White House announced Friday that Trump will announce in the coming days tough new measures for responding to Iran's "bad behavior", including responses to Tehran's ballistic missile tests, support for terrorist groups throughout the Middle East, and cyber operations.

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