October Harvest Moon Rare Sight to See

Harvest Moon 2017 When and how to see October’s full moon

Harvest Moon 2017 When and how to see October’s full moon

Usually it occurs before the equinox in September, but it rose later this year.

In addition to appearing an orangish hue as it first rises, the harvest moon tends to bring a succession of brighter nights, as fuller moons rise nearly immediately after the sun sets in the Northern Hemisphere.

The Harvest Moon 2017 is actually the first time in several years that the event has taken place in October. Sometimes, they did this by the light of the moon. The next time that we'll see a Harvest Moon in October is 2020, National Geographic notes.

The reason that it is called a Harvest Moon has to do with farming.

The full moon would light up the night sky and give them more light to work with - allowing them to gather in the crops in preparation for winter.

That usually falls on - or near - September 22, meaning harvest moons are usually in September, too.

After rising around sunset, tonight's harvest moon will climb to its highest point around midnight and set in the west around sunrise.

By Wright's calculations, roughly one in four harvest moons rise in October.

If the weather is clear, we should get an unbelievable view of the full moon.

Even without a telescope, it's possible to see many features on the surface of the moon.

It's because you are seeing it through the thickness of the Earth's atmosphere which causes it to appear to change colour slightly.

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