A reporter detailed graphic incident with Harvey Weinstein amid sexual harassment controversy

Harvey Weinstein has reportedly hired two top lawyers ahead of “bombshell” articles

Harvey Weinstein has reportedly hired two top lawyers ahead of “bombshell” articles

Speaking further about Weinstein, Sivan also said that the Hollywood producer's vehicle was "stocked full of cases of Diet Coke" and that she found it very weird, according to the report. Read the full (and disturbing) Huffington Post article right here.

Sivan's accusations come just one day after The New York Times published a bombshell story detailing Weinstein's decades long pattern of allegedly harassing women.

The Times then published a piece about Weinstein's "media enablers" that described why "no journalistic outfit had been able, or perhaps willing, to nail the details and hit publish".

Sivan recalled that, while at the club, Weinstein asked her to join him on a tour of its restaurant, Cafe Socialista. At the time, Sivan was a reporter for Long Island 12, a local NY cable channel.

Once they left, Sivan says Weinstein leaned in and tried to kiss her. Sivan rejected that attempt and told him she had a long-term boyfriend.

She did, and met Sivan and Weinstein as they were leaving the kitchen. Just before Sivan left, the friend told her that if she wasn't back in 10 minutes, she would come to check on her.

Once they got to the restaurant's kitchen, Weinstein sent away a few employees who were cleaning up. Sivan, who was shocked by the entire incident, said Weinstein had called her at her office the next day to tell her "he had a great time last night".

"Morning Joe" co-host Mika Brzezinski says she'd rather turn the page than write a book for accused serial sexual harasser Harvey Weinstein. The incident in the vestibule didn't last long.

Ms. Sivan recalled the alleged encounter after The New York Times published a bombshell report Thursday revealing that Mr. Weinstein, the head of The Weinstein Company and Miramax film studios, reached at least eight settlements with women dating back almost three decades in response to similar previously unpublicized allegations of sexual harassment and other misconduct, including several leading actresses.

By the time she headed toward the kitchen, Sivan and Weinstein had emerged, the friend said. The security guard agreed to let the friend down to the cafe. Soon, he dismissed all of them. She says he quickly finished in a pot plant in the hallway. She has not interacted with the movie mogul since.

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