'SNL,' Gal Gadot Channel the Justice League in New Promo

Watch: Gal Gadot Smashes Through the Set in a Promo for This Week's Saturday Night Live  

Saturday Night Live Host Gal Gadot Breaks Down Walls in First Promo

Gadot, star of this year's massively popular Wonder Woman who will reprise her role as the Amazonian warrior princess in Justice League, will host SNL this coming Saturday, Oct. 7.

SNL released a promo for this week's episode, and it's worth watching if for no other reason than to hear cast member Leslie Jones mispronounce Gadot's name. When's Gal Gadot gonna get here?'

Gal Gadot will also be featured tonight on Jimmy Fallon. Jones says. "We have rules here!" "I should've used the door". "It's Gal Gadot", murmurs Day, to which Jones responds, "Shut up, Marky!"

She said of her SNL gig: 'It's gonna be insane - I love this show, ' adding that she's a bit concerned her Israeli accent might come through too strong in the spotlight. While she originated the role with a small part in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, Gadot broke through in this summer's smash hit Wonder Woman, breaking box office records and even garnering some early awards season buzz. "That's my fear - to speak like a dummy", Gadot told INSIDER.

Over on Instagram, the account for Saturday Night Live left fans laughing with a brand-new post.

She continued, 'I'm thinking about the monologue and I'm like, "Ahh".

Saturday Night Live's parody poster is not the first promo the show has done for Gadot.

Warning: Jones yelled at the starlet, 'Gal Gadot, you can not do that!

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