U.S. woman jailed for refusing to vaccinate son

Mother who refused to vaccinate son gets 7 days behind bars

Mother sentenced to jail time for going against court order, not vaccinating son

Detroit news station 7 Action News reported Rebecca Bredow would not comply with court orders to get her son vaccinated, after agreeing previous year that she would.

Oakland County Court Judge Karen McDonald said that, even though Bredow was the primary carer, "Dad gets a say".

Her ex-husband wanted their nine-year old son vaccinated, but she says vaccinations go against her beliefs.

According to 7 Action News reporter Brian Abel's tweets from the courtroom, the judge informed Bredow that her son would be vaccinated today regardless and that Bredow could go to jail for contempt or not, it was her choice.

The judge told Bredow in court that because she went back on her word, she must go to jail.

"Any parent/guardian who wants to claim a nonmedical waiver will need to receive education regarding the benefits of vaccination and the risks of disease from a county health department before obtaining the certified nonmedical waiver form through the Local Health Department", the MI health department says on its website.

A Ferndale, Michigan, mother who reportedly refused to get her son vaccinated will spend seven days behind bars.

Most states in the U.S.no longer permit families to forgo vaccines for philosophical reasons. "[Court officials] want me to bring him up to the fullest extent medically allowed, which would be up to eight vaccines in one dose". Requirements are then decided by individual states or local school districts. Bredow claimed she and her ex later changed their mind, but the judge wasn't buying it. The National Vaccine Information Center lists MI as one of more than a dozen states that allows all three vaccination exemptions: religious, philosophical and medical grounds. McDonald granted temporary custody to Bredows former husband and ordered the boy to be properly vaccinated. The American Academy of Pediatrics emphasizes the safety and importance of vaccines and recommends a schedule of when to provide them.

Ms Bredow refused the order and was sentenced on Wednesday, according to the BBC.

"If this child is injured as a result of being given eight immunizations, who do you think is going to take care of the child?"

Horne accuses Bredow of repeatedly violating his parenting time rights and said in court pleadings that she and her current husband are both medical marijuana users.

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