NOAA: Tropical Storm Nate Projected Path, Spaghetti Models

Tropical development possible, could bring Georgia rain

New tropical cyclone expected to form today

A turn toward the north-northwest at a faster forward speed is expected later today with that motion continuing through Friday night. Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Tennessee could see tropical storm winds and heavy rain early next week, according to the National Hurricane Center's projected models.

Tropical Depression 16 formed Wednesday morning in the southwestern Caribbean Sea and is expected to become Tropical Storm Nate later in the day.

The government of Nicaragua has issued a Tropical Storm Warning for the coast of Nicaragua from Sandy Bay Sirpi northward to the Honduras border. The storm is now bringing flooding rain and tropical storm force winds to Central America.

Once in the Gulf, Nate could strengthen into a hurricane, and a direct impact along the Gulf Coast looks likely.

It is expected to make landfall west of Florida Sunday morning as a Category 1 Hurricane. Tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 60 miles mainly over water to the east of the center. Before then, it will likely brush over the coasts of Nicaragua, Honduras and Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula.

The USA and the Caribbean are still recovering from the destructive impact of Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria, which brought stormy conditions to the United Kingdom last weekend.

The National Weather Service says that Florida's Gulf Coast could be potentially impacted by another hurricane-just weeks after Hurricane Irma slammed the state. We're watching two areas: one near Cuba and one in the northwest Caribbean Sea.

FOX 13's chief meteorologist Paul Dellegatto said an area of high pressure is expected to build over Florida forcing Nate to move more northerly rather than turning northeast toward the panhandle.

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