Hillary Clinton: I will 'Keep Fighting' for More Gun Control

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Miley Cyrus sings “The Climb” to honor Las Vegas shooting victims

President Donald Trump's most controversial son did not appreciate Hillary Clinton's appearance on The Tonight Show - at least that's what his Twitter account suggests, as Donald Trump Jr. no longer follows Jimmy Fallon's show on the social media site.

"Thank you, Hillary Clinton, for being the first female presidential candidate nominated by a major party", the first writer began.

"Thank you, Hillary Clinton, for handling this hard transition with more grace than I ever could have imagined", the second writer said before taking a silly turn.

"Thank you, Hillary Clinton for handling this transition with more grace than I ever could have imagined", Pierce said.

That got a laugh from Clinton. The pop star praised the politician for "being a beacon of strength, hope and determination for me and millions of other young women".

"You know recently with the hurricanes and particularly the damage in the Virgin Islands and in Puerto Rico-you know I was right in the middle of our government responding to the awful effects of the earthquakes in Haiti-so I knew what we're capable of doing", the former secretary of state said.

After the writers read a few wisecrack-infused messages to laughs from the crowd - i.e. "Thank you, Hillary, for for all the work you've done for public health care".

Cyrus took the desk at the end of the segment to share her emotional "Thank You" to Clinton.

Then Miley Cyrus took the chair and hailed Hillary as a "voice of reason in uncertain times". "You are smart, strong and deserving of every opportunity", Clinton said.

Her reference, to Cyrus' 2013 tune "We Can't Stop", had the audience cheery and meant a lot to Cyrus. "But as Miley would say, we can't stop and we won't stop".

Cyrus jokingly added, "I keep my little spies so I don't always have to be there" when Stern asked if she checks up on him on set, and later said "I don't like when relationships are too halves trying to make a whole..."

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