Toys 'R' Us debuts augmented reality experience in stores


Update: Toys R Us Closes $3.1 Billion to Resurrect

Toys R Us plans on developing AR experiences that will be interactive within stores through a corresponding app.

The iOS and Android app has launched in 23 participating U.S. stores, and will continue to roll out nationwide this month.

The AR effort from Toys R Us will hopefully help it pull customers back to its stores. The question remains, though, why haven't other reeling bricks-and-mortar retailers like Sears used it to save themselves from online competition?

Play Chaser is now testing in a small number of stores throughout the United States, with a nationwide rollout planned for October 21.

He added: "We believe that's going to drive a lot more traffic into our stores which will ultimately put us in a position where we can be more successful at growing our sales and our company". Point the app at star icons in the store and it turns their experience into a virtual playground.

With the app, shoppers can animate Toys R Us' Geoffrey the Giraffe mascot, navigate the store, shoot virtual baskets, take care of a virtual baby, or scan a code to watch a toy animate on their phone screen. Another cool feature? Some games have leaderboards that show where players rank amongst each other in their local store and nationally.

The Augmented Realty will be initially available at Allen, Texas; Yonkers, Amherst, Henrietta, Rochester, New York; Cary, North Carolina; Lincolin, NE; Rockford, IL, San jose, CA, Elk Grove, CA, Secaucus, Elizabeth, Paramus, Totowa, Wayne, NJ; Tampa, Brandon, Lakeland, FL; Durham, North Raleigh, NC; Long Island City, Flatbush, NY stores.

The typical setup of a Toys "R" Us store with the AR presentation enabled, will have at least 13 activity stations located around the various toy sections.

Toys R Us filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection September 18, facing debt of $4.9 billion, $400 million of which was interest payments due in 2018 and another $1.7 billion in 2019, CNBC reported.

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