'Sonic the Hedgehog' film moves over to Paramount

'Sonic the Hedgehog' Movie Races to Paramount (Exclusive)

Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Rights Race to Paramount Pictures

Interestingly, Deadpool director Tim Miller will executive produce the new Sonic movie (which was previously in the works at Sony before they let the rights go). Toby Ascher, Dmitri Johnson, and Dan Jevons are attached to the film production as well.

Moritz is producing the project after he recently signed a first-look deal with Paramount, Variety reported. What do you want to see from a Sonic film? With his experience in animation, there might be some hope in this movie, despite the poor reputation of video game adaptations. The film's director, Jeff Fowler's, IMDb page is light on credits. Sega then tied up with Sony Pictures Entertainment in 2014 for the film development in its bid to expand its entertainment brand.

The plan is to make a film that blends live-action shots with computer-generated imagery to bring Sonic and his friends to the real world, while maintaining their digital appearance.

The Sonic the Hedgehog movie has just entered pre-production, and has yet to receive an official release date.

Despite suffering the wrath of critics, Sonic has survived through cartoons, anime and a comic book series by Archie Comics, which won the Guinness World Records for the longest running comic series based on a video game.

The movie will blur live-action and CGI animation together to create a hybrid experience. Though the Sega mascot has been in a number of questionable games, the recent release of Sonic Mania helped the speedy hedgehog gain some momentum.

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