Google launches Google Home Mini and Google Home Max

Google Home Mini is official, costs $49 and comes in chalk, charcoal, or coral

Google Home Max is the new, beefer version of Google Home with 20x the audio power

The search giant unveiled the Home Mini and Home Max as a part of its new connected home devices.

While the Home Mini only fetches for $49 Dollars, the Home Max understandably goes for quite a bit more at $499 USD. Pre-orders start today with customer deliveries beginning on October 19.

But what do you actually do with it?

Google gets in the home audio system game.

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said the new devices aim to weave artificial intelligence that make them easier to use. For now, the majority of Google's revenue comes from advertising, but that could change as its parent company introduces hardware devices that require services to run.

For instance, users can attach separate Google accounts to the Assistant and have Google Home recite different calendar appointments depending on the voice it hears. The Home Mini is, of course, powered by Google's Assistant rather than Amazon's Alexa, though.

The new Google Home Mini costs £49 in the United Kingdom and $49 in the US. The Google Home Mini is mostly fabric covered, and features four LED lights. The company also announced new features for Google Home, and expansion of features like Google Voice Match and handsfree calling to more regions.

It's available from December like Apple's HomePod and will launch in the USA only at first for $399. The company is also touting improved voice recognition, with the ability to understand children as well.

If you're not a Nest owner, Google says the feature should work with over 1,000 smart home products from over 100 brands.

Additionally, the Google Home will also be sold in Japan coming soon, and Japanese owners will also be able to take advantage of features like multiple users, just like the above-named countries.

Google Home is taking rounds on the internet from past few months. Essentially, you can say, "Hey Google, play that song that has that has this lyric". In addition to relaying audio from the phone, the headphones can also translate spoken language in real time, working with translation software built into the new Pixels.

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