Twitter Hilariously Reacts To LaVar Ball Pulling LaMelo Out Of School

LaVar Ball Pulling Basketball Star Son La Melo Out of Chino Hills High School

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I am disappointed it couldn't have worked better for LaMelo and the players.

But there's less pressure on UCLA to bend to LaVar's will now that there is a very realistic chance that LaMelo never plays college basketball.

LaMelo, 16, and his time at Chino Hills Hill School in San Bernardino, California ended today (Oct. 3) with his dad pulling him out of the nationally-ranked high school.

The bombastic LaVar Ball, LaMelo's father, announced on Monday that he's taking his son out of his current high school, Chino Hills, and intends to home school him, according to multiple reports. He is, apparently, through with high school basketball, though. Ironically enough, the only thing Latimore did to anger LaVar was say that LaMelo needed to stop shooting 50 shots-a-game, which, he frankly isn't in the wrong for demanding.

Of course, LaVar didn't need to pull LaMelo entirely out of school just to get him away from a coach he didn't like. "And every kid he talks to, he asks which AAU program they play for and as soon as they mention my name, he goes the other way".

"It's a new coach and I don't like him one bit".

The junior scored 92 points in a game with his high school team a year ago, and now, Chino Hills' basketball team is the number four high school team in the nation. LaVar has threatened to have LaMelo skip college ball entirely and go play internationally before being draft-eligible.

"They're going to come to the house and train with me anyways", LaMelo said.

After the game, LaVar confronted the coach, demanding an explanation for his tactics.

It's actually quite a surprise that Chino Hills didn't consider LaVar for the head basketball coaching job after he drove the last coach out.

"I'm not dealing with the coach over there", the elder Ball told ESPN.

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