Russian Federation 'worried about Spain,' hopes Catalan crisis will be resolved - Putin

US Ambassador Huntsman presents copies of credentials to Russian Foreign Ministry

Putin beats Trump in Turkey

The Russian president made the remarks in a ceremony of receiving diplomatic credentials from foreign ambassadors, including Jon Huntsman, the new U.S. ambassador to Russia, at the Kremlin in the capital Moscow on Tuesday.

"We advocate for constructive, predictable, and mutually advantageous cooperation".

The Russian president also expressed condolences to the American people following a deadly shooting in Las Vegas, where at least 59 people lost their lives and more than 500 others sustained injuries.

"So far there are certain problems when it comes to reciprocity", Peskov told reporters. "We are the masters of our country!" Huntsman takes on the post in Moscow as congressional committees and special counsel Robert Mueller investigate allegations that Russian Federation sought to influence the 2016 USA presidential election on Trump's behalf, as well as potential collusion with Moscow by Trump associates.

This will temporarily suspend his campaign for the presidential election next year.

Huntsman, 57, who was the ambassador to China for the Democratic administration of Barack Obama before taking a 2012 stab at becoming the Republican presidential nominee, formally severed his ties to the world's third-largest publicly traded oil explorer on September 28, Chevron said in a public filing Tuesday. "I don't deny, we're very anxious about Spain", Putin said, stressing that the referendum is an "internal matter" for the country.

"Our peoples share feelings of mutual liking and respect".

The US embassy in Moscow said Huntsman would return to Washington for "final consultations" before assuming his post in Russian Federation next week.

McFaul, who left in 2014, sparked Moscow's fury with critical comments and meetings with Russian opposition leaders and was harassed by pro-Kremlin youth activists and TV channels.

Mr Huntsman arrived in Moscow on Sunday to take over from John Tefft, who left after serving in Russian Federation for three years, a period marred by a deep and rapid deterioration of ties, unseen since the end of the Cold War.

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