Microsoft brings Spotify to Groove Music Pass customers

Groove moves Spotify

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Microsoft is to discontinue to the Groove Music Pass for Windows and Xbox One starting from October 9th, with the termination of the service in full after December 31st, 2017.

KitGuru Says: Groove Music didn't seem particularly popular, so I'm not too surprised to see Microsoft shut it down.

What do you think of Microsoft's decision to terminate its first-party music streaming service?

All users who hold a Groove Music Pass will be able to migrate their accounts to Spotify at least until January 31.

Launch the Groove application on a compatible device and sign in to your account if you are asked to do so.

But there's a small trick that you can use to move your music from OneDrive to Spotify.

If you've already paid up for a year, the remaining balance will be refunded.

If you're on a monthly subscription, you can end the subscription or let it automatically renew.

If you've been using Groove Music to collect and curate your music, you will now be able to move them directly to Spotify with just a few simple clicks. Microsoft has put together a rather in-depth FAQ that Groove Music subscribers can check for more information, including how to potentially net a 60-day subscription to Spotify for free. Microsoft offered a four-month trial of Groove in February, extended the same promotion in April, and then upped the stakes in July by offering six months for free when buying one month of service.

Microsoft will continue to run Groove Music Pass until the end of calendar 2017.

There are still many other streaming music applications in the Windows Store. To be fair, it was a perfectly competent music streaming service, but there was nothing special about it. The company is also facing stiff competition from deep-pocketed competitors: Apple has Apple Music, Google has Google Play Music and YouTube Red/YouTube Music, and Amazon has Amazon Music. But Spotify has a neat feature which lets you download all the music in a playlist on your phone for offline playback, even if they are locally stored on your computer. Editorial playlists also won't transfer over, so you'll have to create a new playlist for those.

"Not sure why anyone ever used Groove Music".

Microsoft thanked customers for their "support on this journey".

If you cancel an annual subscription before it has been active for 30 days, you'll get a full refund or Microsoft Store credit.

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