Hamas reconciles with Palestinian Authority in Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin

Haniyeh told the Israeli lawmaker, whose party holds 13 seats in the Knesset, that he appreciated the conversation as it represents the feelings of the Palestinian people everywhere, according to the statement.

Speaking to the donor nations in NY on September 18, on the sidelines of the UN general Assembly, Greenblatt said "the time has come to stop monitoring the situation in Gaza and start changing the situation in Gaza".

Palestinians are starting to believe that reconciliation between the Fatah and Hamas rivals is finally at hand as Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah prepares to hold a cabinet meeting in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday.

Thirdly, Abbas announced on Monday that a Palestinian state is not likely anytime soon.

The above is the traditional position of the United States and the Quartet countries in recognizing any PA government: it must recognize Israel, renounces terror, and respect previous agreements already presented in 2006. The final stage, he said, would be elections.

Palestinian media reports said that PA culture minister Ehab Bessaiso also arrived, taking charge of his ministry's Gaza offices and meeting staff.

A signal of the White House's seriousness is the likelihood that Hamas will continue to play a role in governing the strip.

Jason Greenblatt at a previous meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Now, however, careful phrasing by US and Palestinian officials strongly suggests that Hamas will not fade into the night. For their different reasons, the PA, Israel and Egypt have all been seeking for the last several years to bring the Hamas administration in Gaza to heel and have been putting pressure of various kinds on it.

Israel said any deal would be unacceptable unless Hamas disarmed. Mohammed Dahlan, the former Palestinian security in chief in Gaza and an Abbas rival, helped broker the deal with the new Hamas chief Yahya Sinwar, who grew up in the same refugee camp with him.

Netanyahu said any move toward reconciliation must take into account recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, dismantlement of the Hamas military wing and a severance of diplomatic relations with Iran. "Even these very clear things must be clearly stated", he said.

President Abdel Fattah al Sisi called on the Palestinian unity government to put an end to the conflict among its members and work together for the good of Palestinian people. These would presumably include the 2003 "road map" that was to have culminated in Palestinian statehood.

"This is a day of joy", said Shaima Ahmed, 28, a women's rights activist who covered her shoulders with a Palestinian kaffiyeh. "We will build thousands of housing units here", he said. Abbas has packaged his policy under the slogan, "One government, one law, one gun", refusing to spell out whether that means confiscation of Hamas weapons. "We do not accept any others interfering, except for it".

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