Rahul needs to remove Italian glasses to see development: Shah

Amit Shah flags off Gujarat Gaurav Yatra

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"Until 1995, electricity production in Gujarat under Congress rule was almost 36700 MW", Shah said, giving out a series of statistics to highlight the accomplishments of the successive BJP governments in the state.

Rahul Gandhi will need to remove his "Italian glasses" and wear "Gujarati glasses" to be able to see the kind of development the BJP has ensured in the state, the party's chief Amit Shah said today in Gujarat's Porbandar, where he launched the second part of a Gujarat Gaurav Yatra (march for honour) ahead of assembly elections at the end of the year.

BJP president Amit Shah took on the Congress party and accused them for inflicting "injustice" on Gujarat, generation after generation.

Mr. Shah cited instances of "injustice", like Jawaharlal Nehru "sidelining" Sardar Patel, and Morarji Desai being denied the prime ministerial post during Indira Gandhi's regime.

"The BJP today launches Gujarat Gaurav Yatra from the same land of Sardar Patel from where he raised the voice of the farmers and started the work to unify the country", he said.

State Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel attacked Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, calling him "immature" and "childlike". The assembly elections in Gujarat will be conducted in December, so there's just around 2 months left to complete the campaigning.

Interestingly, Congress vice president, Rahul Gandhi is also scheduled to start second leg of the four-leg "Navsarjan Yatra", from Central Gujarat on October 9. Yadav said developmental matters, including the achievements made under PM Narendra Modi at the Centre and under the NDA government in the state would be the focus of the executive committee meetings down the line.

"Rahul always questions what Prime Minister Narendra Modi did in past three years, but I want to ask what UPA did in 10 years", Shah asked.

He added that the party is taking pride of making Gujarat a curfew-free state and providing 24 hours electricity in the state.

Modi and Shah will remain present at the concluding ceremony of the yatra, the place for which is yet to be decided.

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