Trump Slams Puerto Rico Mayor Over "Poor Leadership" During Recovery Efforts

Trump is urged to do far more for Puerto Rico

Puerto Ricans Still Waiting for Aid a Week After Maria's Devastation

Cruz, who has been living in a shelter after her home was destroyed in the hurricane, is at the forefront of efforts to help Puerto Rico recover from the destruction created by the storm more than a week ago.

Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz speaks with a man at a hospital Saturday in the Rio Piedras area of San Juan, Puerto Rico, as about 35 patients are evacuated after the failure of an electrical plant.

"It's unfortunate that the Puerto Rico mayor wants to, excuse me the San Juan mayor, wants to sort of go against the grain", he said, adding that Yulín Cruz should visit the FEMA command center on the island.

Cruz said she was unsure whether speaking out had been effective but that FEMA had contacted her soon after she gave a media conference Friday to say that more supplies were on the ay.

Democratic Rep. Luis Gutierrez on Friday broke down in tears while describing the dire situation in Puerto Rico and sharply criticized President Donald Trump for his administration's response so far to the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. "10,000 Federal workers on island doing a fantastic job".

He said the hurricane "totally destroyed" Puerto Rico and that "the military and first responders, despite no electric, roads, phones etc., have done an incredible job".

On Tuesday, he's due to visit Puerto Rico, where Maria killed at least sixteen people and left numerous island's 3.4 million residents without power and water. "Let us not talk about the debt, let us not talk about the cost of reconstruction, let's just talk about saving lives right now", Cruz said.

Power is still out and water is scarce for numerous island's three million residents. She also said residents need to focus on saving lives and "cannot be distracted by anything else".

Cruz told CNN's Anderson Cooper that Trump's comments - which she heard about late because of the poor Internet coverage in Puerto Rico - had made her smile, given what Puerto Ricans were dealing with. After more than a week of desperation, many were still unable to access essentials including food and water.

The President stirred things up with a series of tweets Saturday from his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey, where he is spending the weekend.

"I can not fathom the thought that the greatest nation in the world can not figure out logistics for a small island of 100 miles by 35 miles", she said. "Now we're getting them, you're seeing them here".

Puerto Ricans have been angered by Trump's delay in waiving a USA law that bars foreign-flagged ships from delivering aid to United States ports. Trump said his administration "will not rest" until people there are safe. By now, telecommunications are back for about 30 percent of the island, almost half of the supermarkets have reopened at least for reduced hours and about 60 percent of the gas stations are pumping.

Duke came under heavy criticism Thursday after she told reporters that the federal government's relief efforts are "under control" and "a good news story". Noting how the USA military once used the island for target practice, he said in a report, "What better way to make it up to them, by storming the beaches with aid instead of bombs?"

Singer Rihanna also urged Mr Trump to offer more help to the people of Puerto Rico, which has been coping with shortages of food, drinking water and electricity since Maria hit earlier in September.

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