Illinois Air National Guard sends help to Puerto Rico, Virgin Is

Annette Medero stands outside of the nonprofit she works at in Hartford Connecticut

Annette Medero stands outside of the nonprofit she works at in Hartford Connecticut. Ryan Caron King WNPR

Meanwhile, Gov. Mark Dayton's office said that the national guard has shipped more than $1 million worth of medical supplies to Texas, Florida, the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico to help in their storm recovery.

Among the reasons for the long delay in getting relief supplies distributed in Puerto Rico is that the local government can not get in contact with the local truck drivers; a 4 percent success rate is cited.

St. Thomas, like other islands, was hit by both Hurricane Irma and then Maria this month, leaving citizens and infrastructure in desperate need.

"Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by Hurricane Maria", said Brig.

The soldiers are assigned to the 105th Engineer Battalion "Task Force Rhino" headquartered in Raeford.

A release from the N.C. National Guard said the troops are expected to be in Puerto Rico for 30 days "but are prepared to be there longer if required".

"When our state was devastated with severe flooding during Hurricane Matthew previous year, many states came to our assistance in our time of need", Cooper said in the release. Gen. Christopher O. Mohan, commanding general of the 3rd ESC.

If you would like to help in the effort to aid those living in Puerto Rico you can do so by going through The Red Cross. "We've seen it, we've helped here and we are looking forward to helping the people in Puerto Rico get through this". They will help clear debris from road and make repairs.

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