May: UK committed to maintaining Europe's security

Macron's EU vision will bolster Franco-German axis: Merkel

May: UK committed to maintaining Europe's security

The final reading of UK GDP for the second quarter is due at 09.30 but, more importantly, the latest consumer credit numbers that have been so in focus given the reliance on the UK consumer for the growth that we are seeing are also due.

Prime Minister Theresa May had set out in Florence the week before an offer to honor the UK's financial obligations, in what she said was meant to create "momentum" for the talks.

The two leaders were in Estonia for a summit of European Union leaders in Tallinn where the future of the bloc without Britain was set to be the key topic on the agenda.

Brussels has long demanded sufficient progress on its financial settlement, citizens' rights and the Irish border before it fulfils the UK's wish to move on to talks about trade.

"By the end of October we will not have sufficient progress", he said.

Trade minister Liam Fox has described EEA nationals in the UK as one of the government's "main bargaining chips" in upcoming negotiations, and May has argued that the UK would be left "high and dry" in negotiations by guaranteeing the rights of EEA nationals without receiving similar assurances for UK nationals living in the EU.

They could also include language at the summit indicating the European Union was willing to accept a request for a two-year transition.

First, on citizens' rights, he welcomed a confirmation from Davis that the withdrawal treaty guaranteeing the rights of 3 million European Union citizens in Britain should have "direct effect" in British law - effectively, Britain can not change them via new legislation.

It is thought there could be an agreement with the EU which would see the United Kingdom give the go-ahead for divorce costs of £40 billion and the residency rights of Europeans in the UK.

Johnson had fueled talk of a leadership challenge ahead of May's speech by publishing his own 4,000-word plan for Brexit which was seen as a criticism of May's more cautious approach.

"A Downing Street spokesman said Mrs May also emphasised the need to agree a" time-limited" transition period after Brexit "to provide certainty to businesses and others in both Britain and the EU".

The compromise according to The Times could be formally agreed on October 19, some two weeks after the Conservative Party conference.

She said that her country played a vital role in the European security.

She said: "Our resolve to draw on the full weight of our military, intelligence, diplomatic and development resources to lead global action with our partners on the issues that affect the security and prosperity of our peoples is unchanged". We need to acknowledge to each other they are out of shape...

In a morning visit to Estonia's Tapa military base, where 800 British troops are deployed as part of NATO's efforts to defend against a newly assertive Russia, May said Britain was "unconditionally committed" to protecting Europe after Brexit.

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