Trevor Noah wants to know when Black people can actually protest

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"Wrong", Colbert declared. "Kneeling during the national anthem has everything to do with race - just like your presidency".

Trevor Noah and his team of writer said it well enough already anyway. This had nothing to do with Donald Trump.

"Just so we're on the same page, when Nazis were protesting in Charlottesville, Trump said, 'Some of these were very fine people, '" said Noah.

He then shouted to the audience: "Listen to this: Donald TrumpDonald John TrumpBiden slams Trump over golf gif hitting Clinton Trump Jr. declines further Secret Service protection: report Report: Mueller warned Manafort to expect an indictment MORE is president". "There should be a flag on that play, and I'm going to say a Confederate flag". "That's the kind of shit they would do if they were trying to disrespect the country". Saying kneeling was a protest against the American flag, that's like saying Gandhi's hunger strikes were a protest against snacking.

"But you do realize that up until this weekend, the knee had nothing to do with the president, nothing at all to do with Trump!"

Noah found that there's basically no right time for Black people to protest, according to critics. Yeah because when a white billionaire spends a year screaming that America is a disaster, he's in touch with the country. "It nearly feels like white people earn the money but black people are given it".

"It's wrong to do it in the streets".

Others disagree. If you ask Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, for example, then you'll learn that apparently football players' right to free speech actually ends when they're on the football field. You can not do it if you've kneeled.

"Wow, son-of-a-bitch!" Colbert replied. Because there's one thing that's a fact.

I won't get into why that's obviously not why players are protesting, because chances are that if you're of that opinion, you have inverse logic arguments locked-and-loaded and are looking for a cyber-fight.

Seth Meyers of NBC also weighed in.

"Everyone is talking about Donald Trump and the NFL", Stephen Colbert began. When black athletes peacefully protest racism and police brutality, Trump has no trouble summoning his outrage.

"Really? That's the loudest booing you've ever heard?"

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