South Korea insists U.S. wants peace on peninsula

People wondered why Twitter did not remove the tweet that violated the company's rules

People wondered why Twitter did not remove the tweet that violated the company's rules

Yonhap suggested the reclusive North was in fact bolstering its defenses by moving aircraft to its east coast and taking other measures after US bombers flew close to the Korean Peninsula at the weekend.

President Moon Jae-in will hold a special meeting with the leaders of the ruling and opposition parties this week to discuss bipartisan efforts to end North Korea's nuclear ambitions, an official from the presidential office Blue House said Tuesday.

Trump has been pushing China to use its deep economic ties with North Korea to pressure the country's young leader to back down from developing nuclear weapons. Trump said North Korean problem should be resolved many years ago, "It could have been solved much more easily n, many administrations have wrecked us, but I will deal with this problem and we will see what happens with North Korea".

North Korea conducted its sixth and apparently most powerful nuclear test so far on September 3.

Former general Rob Givens, who served in US Air Force, said that in event of a war in Korea, only 20,000 people die per day in South Korea, according to Pentagon estimates. China has also reportedly instructed its financial institutions to stop doing business with North Korea, closed border crossings, set restrictions on North Korean labor imports, and reduced fuel exports to the rogue regime.

The eight banks are all in North Korea.

The Trump administration is using new sanctions authority to punish eight North Korean banks and 26 bank workers living overseas.

Evans Revere, a former senior diplomat who met with a North Korean delegation in Switzerland this month, said that Pyongyang had been reaching out to "organizations and individuals" to encourage talks with former USA officials to get a sense of the Trump administration's thinking.

Commenting on the recent escalation of war of words between United States and North Korea, Beijing warned against any potential military conflict on the Korean Peninsula and urged the two countries to realize that military means are never a viable way out. The Treasury Department says the 26 individuals are North Korean nationals employed by those banks who work in Russia, China, Libya and the United Arab Emirates.

"This further advances our strategy to fully isolate North Korea in order to achieve our broader objectives of a peaceful and denuclearized Korean peninsula", US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement.

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