Saudi Arabia to let women drive at last

Saudi Arabia agrees to let women drive

Possible opportunities from Saudi Arabia lifting the women driving ban

The following is the text of the royal decree issued by Saudi King Salman regarding women being allowed to drive, as translated from the Arabic version carried on the state-run Saudi Press Agency.

But most who used the negative hashtag were women mocking men opposed to them driving.

Overnight, it was announced that the ban on women driving in Saudi Arabia would be lifted, effective June 2018. "Driving is just a symbol of gender discrimination in Saudi Arabia, there are more important and urgent issues for women and for rest of society".

Next year women in Saudi Arabia could be allowed to drive.

In May, King Salman ordered government offices to allow women to obtain services without permission from a guardian, but left a caveat for Islamic law to take precedence.

The shock announcement, which risks riling religious conservatives, is part of Saudi Arabia's ambitious reform push aimed at adapting to a post-oil era and improving a global reputation battered by its human rights record.

A major step towards the achievement of women rights has been achieved in Saudi Arabia as it agrees to issue driving licenses to women.

A committee is set to be formed to look into how to implement the new order by the King. The 32-year-old heir to the throne has pushed a program of reform in the country. US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert called the move "a great step in the right direction".

And with Tuesday's victory in the bag, proving the influence and accomplishments of Saudi women activists, the #IamMyOwnGuardian hashtag and movement is certainly one to continue watching. However, a new announcement allowing women to start driving signifies a significant expansion of women's rights in the country.

"At the end of the day these laws are showing how Saudi Arabia has been resisting overturning or relinquishing power to over 50 percent of the population", she said. Over three decades, the women were doing his best to prove that they are able to drive the vehicle.

The main Saudi stock index, however, fell 0.4 percent in the first 45 minutes of trade as investors anxious that index compiler FTSE might issue a negative decision when it determines whether to upgrade Riyadh to emerging market status at the end of this month.

Other Twitter users pointed out that Saudi women are still under the male guardianship system, which among other things, prevents them from travelling without permission of the men in their family.

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